Clinical Supervision

Providing clinical supervision comes from a deep appreciation for those who mentored me and my commitment to give back to the field of social work. It also comes from my many years as a consumer and professional. I believe I have had a significant amount of experiences, both positive and unhealthy, that lends itself to my ability to not only mentor, coach, assess but also, be honest when someone may not be on the right career path or may simply need a break and some time to refresh and selfcare.

Clinical Supervision for CSWAs
(Clinical Social Work Associates)

I provide supervision for CSWAs in the state of Oregon towards their LCSW. I provide both individual and group supervision. I have a strong commitment to assessing clinical case presentation, interventions and awareness of values and ethics inherent within social work practice. My goal is to guide you to stronger clinical thinking with an emphasis on the effectiveness of use of self, self-care and understanding the value of your gut.

Before any of your supervision hours can count, you must have a Board approved plan.

The initial meet-and-greet is of no cost to you. If we decide to work together, the fee is $60 for one hour of individual supervision and $60 for two hours of group supervision.

When you have a question, ask it. The Oregon Board of Licensed Clinical Social Workers can be of great help. All necessary forms can be found on their website.

Supervision is an important part of your journey towards licensure. Come to sessions prepared to talk about the clients you are working with, ethical issues and values to process, and an openness to discussing your strengths and areas for growth.

As you travel along your plan of supervision, seek out other CSWAs so you can begin strategizing ways to study for your exam. You may apply to take your exam for licensure when you have completed 75 hours of supervision.

Clinical Supervision for MHPs
(Mental Health Professionals)

Sometimes, we find ourselves in agencies that do not provide clinical supervision or we are in practice but feel very alone. Or sometimes we are at odds with our agency and need a safe place to process. I have had the pleasure of supervising LPCs, LCSWs and Counselors / Therapists in each of these circumstances.

I believe it is important to have safe spaces to talk about your concerns, the challenges inherent within your work and learn ways to balance your professional and personal life. I am passionate about helping professionals understand their value in spite of difficulties they may have faced in the work setting.

If you are seeking to advance your skill set, need support and mentoring or simply need a place to debrief your caseload, I am available to supervise you and help you think through your work.

As a reminder, I cannot supervise you towards licensure unless you are a CSWA in the state of Oregon.

Let Lilly’s supervisory expertise expand your clinical proficiency.

Call today to schedule your free meet-and-greet with Lilly.