Eyes Wide Open

There’s no shirking, no cringing, no hesitation. I meet people where they are and hold their stories safe while we pursue healing. This safe space and the strong belief in personal responsibility allows us to get to core issues quickly. I believe that meeting people in the present allows us the ability to look toward the future with the knowledge that we can all be “greater than.”  It’s about progress and possibilities, about becoming healthier and more aware than we used to be. It’s is about growing together through community and leading people to a place of better understanding, empathy, and connection.

Looking In Looking Out Counseling was created in 2008, inspired by a text book, Looking Out Looking In by Ronald B. Adler & Neil Towne. As someone who did not have a voracious appetite for reading, this particular textbook intrigued me. It was easy to read and the content covered every facet needed for understanding human nature, appreciating who you are and how to live life. I read every inch of this book and participated in each invitation to “learn more”. It helped me discover things about myself that I had never considered before. It guided and allowed me to look deep within so that I could look out in the world with fresh, new eyes.

About Lilly

Lilly Glass Akoto is a licensed clinical social worker who helps the hurting find ways to heal. Her own unique journey from brokenness to wholeness drives her to passionately help those struggling with mental health issues. Nothing intimidates or surprises her, and her unique ability to get to the point quickly yet comfortably allows her to help her clients from Day One.

She believes in giving back so has taken on clinical supervision with deep commitment and seriousness, welcoming the responsibility and proud of being a part of helping shape and sharpen clinical providers.

She has a heart to help individuals and groups in the business world remove barriers and process pain so they can begin to thrive again professionally. She is a dynamic speaker and avid volunteer, but always sets aside meaningful time to spend with her family as well as refreshing her soul by hiking the great outdoors

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